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Thank you to all the readers that have used Lease Wizard as a resource in 2017, and especially to all that provided feedback through email and social media, or submitted questions – hopefully the answers were helpful.


Looking ahead to 2018 we have a few specific goals for expanding and enhancing Lease Wizard:

  • A state-by-state guide with information to consider specific to leasing (or buying, or even selling/trading-in) a vehicle in each state.  Things like any special rules on sales tax, government fees you can expect to be charged, and anything important to know about customary dealer or lender/lessor fees that they can impose and any caps on them.
  • Creating a note-taking tool so you can bring Lease Wizard into the dealership with you on your phone – and more specifically have the key items that you want to ask about at your fingertips.
  • More articles about things to know about leasing, be it before you get to the dealership, at the dealership, or after you’re in your new (or at least new to you) car or truck.
  • Creating a form to enable you to connect directly with dealers in your area when you’re ready to buy.
  • A mailing list – so you can be sure to know when new articles, tools, and calculators are available, but also to get some further insights on automotive and financial industries that may help you be a more informed consumer.

We’re also always interested in feedback to help Lease Wizard be the best possible resource for the automotive shopper – whether you end up leasing or buying, new or used – the real goal is to help you be informed so you have a great shopping experience, with a great dealer, and end up in a vehicle that meets your needs.  So thank you again for making 2017 a very successful launch year for Lease Wizard, and feel free to contact us at info@leasewizard.us or on Facebook or Twitter any time.

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